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Feature Request for Chat & Knowledgebase Unresolved

[4/17 @ 1:29 pm - Matthew]

The LibChat widget currently doesn't check to see if jQuery is already loaded on a page before loading it, causing the script to be loaded twice in several of our systems (including Summon, 360Link2.0, Ares, Illiad, etc.)

I've asked Springshare to check for jQuery support before loading the script with their widget.

This Feature Request was reported on 4/17/15.

Minor Issue for Summon Resolved

[4/17 @ 11:34 am - Matthew]

The script I wrote to add in our chat button in Summon is making it very hard to click on the "Saved Items" icon in Summon, since the actual icon is not part of the markup for the link. My chat button is pushing the link markup further down the page. I'm working on a fix.

[12:31 pm - Matthew]

I've fixed this issue, and also made the chat button display whether chat services are available or not (and improved chat positioning on smaller screens.)

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/17/15 and resolved on 4/17/15.

Feature Request for Subject & Course Guides Unresolved

[4/17 @ 11:01 am - Matthew]

We'd like to be able to manually order the databases listed as "Best Bets" in the Database A-Z list.

[12:39 pm - Matthew]

From Springshare (wow they are fast):

You're not alone in wanting the ability to setup a custom order for your best bet databases. We already have this feature request filed. I'm not sure when the LG developers will be able to actually get it coded, but it is on the list!

This Feature Request was reported on 4/17/15.

Update for Databases Resolved

[4/15 @ 1:46 pm - Matthew]

All database have now been mapped to subjects in the new LibGuides Database A-Z List. If you are a liaison, please take a moment to make sure your subject databases are correct, and thank Amy from KARMS for all the hard work mapping well over half of these databases!

This Update happened on 4/15/15.

Maintenance for Databases Maintenance

[4/15 @ 11:24 am - Sara]

ProQuest Databases will see maintenance on Sat April 19th starting 3pm lasting up to 5 hours.

This Maintenance is scheduled from 11:24am 4/15/15 until 12:00am 4/20/15.

Minor Issue for Link Resolver Resolved

[4/14 @ 3:20 pm - Matthew]

Serials Solutions changed the underlying HTML structure of the default citation fields in 360Link, which means our script is turning up empty fields for all parts of the citation except for the author. I'm looking into it.

[3:41 pm - Matthew]

This happened when we turned on the test functionality for 360Link 2.0. I've turned off those testing features, so the problem has been fixed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/14/15 and resolved on 4/14/15.

Minor Issue for Ensemble Video Unresolved

[4/13 @ 4:05 pm - Mary]

Links in catalog are going to the full list of videos and not directly to the video. I am working with Ensemble Video to get this fixed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/13/15.

Update for Databases Resolved

[4/13 @ 3:46 pm - Matthew]

Today we mapped databases into subjects beginning with the letters E-G & N-Z. Thanks to Amy from KARMS for helping!

Tomorrow I hope to finish the last few subjects (H-M).

This Update happened on 4/13/15.

Minor Issue for Summon Unresolved

[4/13 @ 8:59 am - Sara]

When searching for Streaming Videos, results that are hosted by Film on Demand are currently not linking through Summon. Users are taken to the citation page but not to the video. Videos still work in Films on Demand, they just need to correct the linking in Summon. Other steaming videos appear to work. Please report if you find otherwise. Serials Solutions is aware of this issue and is working on it.

This Minor Issue was reported on 4/13/15.

Update for Databases Resolved

[4/10 @ 3:02 pm - Matthew]

I've mapped all subjects beginning with the letters A-D in the new LibGuides Database A-Z List. It's a slow, manual process, so I'll work on the next batch early next week.

This Update happened on 4/10/15.