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Maintenance for Databases Unresolved

[10/1 @ 3:26 pm - Sara]

IPA Source will migrate from the old site to a new hosting location on Friday Oct 3 starting at 2am and hopefully ending at 9am. There may be a delay where we would not gain access to the new site for a 24hr period. There is a good chance we will lose access for a brief time until at least 9am, possibly longer. We will contact them for an ETA if we are not seeing access return post 9am.

This Maintenance is scheduled from 03:26pm 10/1/14 until 07:00pm 12/31/69.

Minor Issue for Summon Unresolved

[9/30 @ 9:10 am - Matthew]

When emailing results to yourself, the HTML code from the display page comes through with the email (they didn't set the email MIME type correctly, I suspect.) This has been a known issue for some time, and it is currently on the road map to be fixed by December 2014.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/30/14.

Minor Issue for Summon Unresolved

[9/24 @ 1:58 pm - Ben]

When one is emailing results to yourself in Summon, the results do not seem to be getting to one's email. I have contacted them to see if they are aware of the problem and when it shall be fixed.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/24/14.

Minor Issue for Databases Resolved

[9/18 @ 9:04 am - Sara]

SRDS had a tool Local Market Analysis that it hosts which will not work with any browser outside of IE8 and below. Last year this time (Oct 2013) they gave us the work around of using compatibility mode on IE to get the tool to work. This year they found that we can use Firefox and Google if we download the add ons for IE specifically (IE Tab V2 (Enhanced IE Tab) for Firefox and the "IE Tab" for Google Chrome, found via search in the Google web store. I tried both of these and they provide a compatibility icon in the upper right of the browser, once clicked this will let you access SRDS and use LMA without problem. LMA is the only issue here. This does not affect other SRDS resources.

[9:04 am - Sara]

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/18/14 and resolved on 9/18/14.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[9/9 @ 11:31 am - Sara]

September Serial Solutions MARC Records 9/9/2014: We added 1407 new serial solutions journal Marc records today. We now have 65,698 total in our collection.​

This Update happened on 9/9/14.

Minor Issue for Summon Resolved

[9/8 @ 11:38 am - Ben]

Summon is working very slowly right now. We have contacted them, and they are aware of the problem. When we hear more from them, I will update this post.

[1:16 pm - Sara]

Summon appears to be restored.

[9/9 @ 9:24 am - Ben]

It seems like it back to working correctly.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/8/14 and resolved on 9/9/14.

Update for Databases Resolved

[9/8 @ 11:08 am - Jeff]

We have upgraded our CINAHL database through EBSCO to CINAHL Complete. The change has been made on the database table today. Thank you.

This Update happened on 9/8/14.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[9/4 @ 11:45 am - Sara]

ezproxy was down briefly. restored a few minutes later.

[11:45 am - Sara]

This Outage was reported on 9/4/14 and resolved on 9/4/14.

Minor Issue for Summon Resolved

[9/3 @ 8:54 pm - Matthew]

Summon recently added a "Log in" link to the header that takes folks to ProQuest Flow to allow them to save citations and whatnot. The problem is, if you are off-campus you'll get a banner to "Log in to see more" resources. That's 2 links with the same label, "Log in." The additional problem is that the off-campus proxy log in link doesn't look like a link, since it's not underlined and is the same color as the text around it (thank you, 23 year old web designers!)

Here's a screen shot of what it looks like:

Summon Log in Log in

I'm going to at least make the link in the off-campus banner look like a link, and I've reported the issue to ProQuest. I have not received a response, so I'll try to cook up something else to fix this.

[9/11 @ 4:33 pm - Matthew]

I changed the labeling of the 2 links, and forced the off-campus banner to have an underline so that it looks like a link. The Flow link now says "Log in to ProQuest Flow" with a title attribute that says "Save and organize citations to make reading and writing easier." The title attribute will display as a little pop-up if you hover your pointer over the link for a moment. The off-campus link now says "Log in with your GVSU account" to add some clarity.

You may have to clear your browser's cache to see the changes.

This Minor Issue was reported on 9/3/14 and resolved on 9/11/14.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[9/2 @ 2:29 pm - Ben]

We added 1 Films on Demand MARC record today.

This Update happened on 9/2/14.