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Update for Catalog Resolved

[7/2 @ 11:33 am - Ben]

We added 2,895 new eBrary MARC records today.

This Update happened on 7/2/15.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[7/2 @ 11:30 am - Ben]

CompPile is not working right now. I have emailed them to see if they knew about this and when it could be fixed.

[12:05 pm - Ben]

They got back to me and it seems the problem has been fixed.

This Outage was reported on 7/2/15 and resolved on 7/2/15.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[7/2 @ 10:09 am - Ben]

We added 10 new Credo MARC records today.

This Update happened on 7/2/15.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[7/2 @ 9:37 am - Ben]

We added 2 new Cambridge Companions Online MARC records today.

This Update happened on 7/2/15.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[7/2 @ 8:44 am - Jeff]

Ebook Library seems to be down at this time, we can't access any of our EBL titles. We have called ProQuest support, who aren't open yet, we will update as soon as we know more.

[9:44 am - Jeff]

This issue has been resolved, due to my excellent trouble shooting... either that or it just started working again.

This Outage was reported on 7/2/15 and resolved on 7/2/15.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[7/1 @ 11:51 am - Ben]

Mary was changing some of the settings in the proxy server which caused people to be kicked out of whatever they were using and it said their login was incorrect. It has been fixed as of now, and we will be keeping an eye on it.

[11:52 am - Ben]

This Outage was reported on 7/1/15 and resolved on 7/1/15.

Update for Summon Resolved

[6/25 @ 11:00 am - Matthew]

Updates scheduled for Summon on Thursday, 6/25:


We made the following changes to improve performance and usability with Summon 2.0:

  • RSS Support
  • More details in the DB Recommender list of databases in the admin console; the list of databases now includes:
  • DBID for each database
  • Provider name for each database
  • Improved deduplication rules
  • Better matching of Book/ebook titles based on unique identifiers
  • Improved deduplication of dissertation content type
  • Improved Video Recording content type matching
  • Improved rollups and spotlights
  • Ability to turn off Newspaper Rollups or Image Spotlighting
  • Newspaper articles in a rollup are now removed from the search results
  • Cleaned up related bugs—incorrect behavior for less than 3 results or repetition of results sets 3 or more times

Bug Fixes

We have resolved the following items:

  • Printing search results from the browser results in a jumbled mess
  • Email citation message text is required
  • Application error appears when a change is made to the "results sorted by" option for some searches
  • Preview Pane missing Publication Title field for Reference Content Type
    • APA Citation format should include book edition information
    • Citation links for saved articles mixed up
  • Publication Date Facet: Issues with error checking and when entering two digit years
  • Translation editor setting are not getting translated: "No results were found for this search with your current filter selections. Try clearing your filters to improve your results"
  • Advanced Search
    • User can bypass form validation by clicking Enter to submit Advanced Search
    • Advanced Search Icon not displaying in Chrome

This Update happened on 6/25/15.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[6/19 @ 9:02 am - Ben]

We deleted 259 EBL MARC records today.

This Update happened on 6/19/15.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[6/17 @ 11:50 am - Ben]

We added 636 new docuseek2 MARC records today.

This Update happened on 6/17/15.

Update for Databases Resolved

[6/17 @ 10:59 am - Jeff]

Good morning everyone,

We have set up a new resource this morning. Docuseek2 provides access to academic streaming videos, with over 600 titles in all major disciplines.

We will be loading marc records in the new week or so.

Each video has a Link to/Embed button that will provide a link that can be used to add these videos to blackboard. We have unlimited users on this resource.

I have added this to the database table. Liaisons, now that this is set up as a database asset, please let me know if you would like to associate it with any specific subject, if so, let me know if it should be a “best bet”.

This Update happened on 6/17/15.