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Outage for Document Delivery Resolved

[7/19 @ 10:00 pm - Matthew]

OCLC network and systems staff will be migrating the virtual web server which houses our ILLiad server to a brand new VLAN (virtual local area network). This next generation network will provide OCLC hosting staff with updated tools for the monitoring and maintenance of our ILLiad web server. The new network also allows for quicker communications to our ILLiad hosted MS SQL database server and a better back-up procedure for the data hosted on our ILLiad web server (html files, pdf files, ILLiad server executables, etc.).

When the network and systems staff have completed their work, our ILLiad server will be brought back online, verified and monitored for any irregularities. This entire process is expected to be completed by 3:00 AM Eastern on Sunday, July 20th, 2014.

[7/20 @ 2:00 am - Matthew]

The scheduled maintenance was completed successfully.

[7/22 @ 11:17 am - Matthew]

This issue was reported on 7/19/14 and resolved on 7/22/14.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[7/15 @ 4:08 pm - Jeff]

Value Line Research Center is taking us to an error page. I have contacted the vendor to find out what the problem is.

[7/16 @ 8:46 am - Jeff]

We have been provided with a new link which appears to be working. We were warned that they are having some issues with proxy servers at this time, please let us know if you spot any issues.

This issue was reported on 7/15/14 and resolved on 7/16/14.

Minor Issue for Databases Resolved

[7/8 @ 3:17 pm - Ben]

GreenFILE is not working correctly. I am contacting them to see what the problem is.

[7/9 @ 7:36 am - Ben]

it seems to be working once again.

This issue was reported on 7/8/14 and resolved on 7/9/14.

Minor Issue for Databases Resolved

[7/2 @ 2:00 pm - Matthew]

The CAS (Central Authentication Service) and EZProxy (service that allows off-campus access to library resources) servers are being updated today at 2pm. There should be no noticeable down time server-wise. However, there will be a slight downtime as Mary adds authentication changes to the EZProxy configuration file.

Downtime should only last a few minutes.

[7/3 @ 1:55 pm - Mary]

Changes added 2:18 pm on 7/2. Logging in from off-campus should be working with the new CAS configuration

This issue was reported on 7/2/14 and resolved on 7/3/14.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[6/19 @ 8:41 am - Jeff]

We have lost access to China Academic Journals, again. We have contacted the provider and are waiting on a fix. JD

[6/23 @ 12:48 pm - Jeff]

Access has been restored.

This issue was reported on 6/19/14 and resolved on 6/23/14.

Minor Issue for Databases Resolved

[6/20 @ 12:00 am - Ben]

Taylor & Francis Online will be unavailable for a period of two hours this weekend due to scheduled database maintenance by our partner, Atypon. This will take place on Saturday 20st June 9:30-11:30PM.

[6/21 @ 12:00 am - Ben]

This issue was reported on 6/20/14 and resolved on 6/21/14.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[6/11 @ 12:49 pm - Jeff]

6/11/2014: Our Sage journal content has been shut off for some reason. We are working with Sage to have access restored. JD

[3:05 pm - Sara]

We corrected the IP range and now have access to our Sage Journals again.

This issue was reported on 6/11/14 and resolved on 6/11/14.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[6/10 @ 1:39 pm - Ben]

IEEE is down. We are looking into what the problem is.

[2:57 pm - Ben]

It seems to be working, but we will keep an eye on it make sure it is working

This issue was reported on 6/10/14 and resolved on 6/10/14.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[6/10 @ 8:35 am - Sara]

Ebrary is down. I have contacted them to request an update. As this happened early in the day, it may be a while before we hear back.

[10:15 am - Sara]

Ebrary is back up and running. They had a temporary outage.

This issue was reported on 6/10/14 and resolved on 6/10/14.

Minor Issue for Link Resolver Resolved

[6/5 @ 11:14 am - Sara]

We have encountered several examples of the link resolver failing when attempting to link into ScienceDirect. The page will be blank or the message will state that the url is invalid. The only common factor is that ScienceDirect is the target. Not all SD articles are doing this but generally when one article in a journal fails to connect, you can be fairly sure they all will display the same behavior. I have contacted Elsevier and will update when I hear back.

[6/6 @ 2:02 pm - Sara]

Minor Issue for Link Resolver -ScienceDirect ScienceDirect has received several reports of issues between ezproxy and linking into their resources. They are working on a permanent fix, however they have provided us a patch in the meantime so access should be restored through 360 link. If anyone encounters examples that are not working, please report them ASAP

This issue was reported on 6/5/14 and resolved on 6/6/14.