All systems are online.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[8/27 @ 10:26 am - Ben]

We deleted 900 EBL MARC records today.

This Update happened on 8/27/15.

Outage for Catalog Resolved

[8/27 @ 7:13 am - Matthew]

The catalog is currently down for maintenance. The vendor is performing a server upgrade. It should be back up at 8:00am.

[8:08 am - Matthew]

The maintenance was completed successfully.

This Outage was reported on 8/27/15 and resolved on 8/27/15.

Minor Issue for Summon Unresolved

[8/26 @ 11:25 am - Matthew]

Emailing of saved records is working sporadically. Reports indicate that IE is having loads of trouble, while Firefox sometimes works. The Summon team is looking into the issue and I will update when I know more.

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/26/15.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[8/12 @ 11:31 am - Sara]

Black Thought and Culture is currently not giving us access. We have contacted Alexander Street Press to restore access and will update when available.

[11:54 am - Sara]

this looks to have been a glitch. we cleared cache and it is all set.

This Outage was reported on 8/12/15 and resolved on 8/12/15.

Feature Request for Subject & Course Guides Unresolved

[8/11 @ 3:30 pm - Matthew]

I've asked Springshare to give us the ability to set "pretty" URLs for things like the database Types or database Subjects. Currently they are quite ugly, and I have to build a URL for them outside the system. This work-around is fine, except for there is no way for me to share the "pretty" URL with anyone oyher than the folks who asked for it.

For instance, Lindy asked for a pretty URL for the Streaming Videos database landing page, so I made her (/video was already in use).

This Feature Request was reported on 8/11/15.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[8/11 @ 9:24 am - Sara]

August Serial Solutions MARC Records 08/11/2015: We added 739new serial solutions journal Marc records today. We now have 66,317 total in our collection.​

This Update happened on 8/11/15.

Minor Issue for Databases Resolved

[8/6 @ 2:51 pm - Jeff]

Books in Print is currently asking for a user name and password... which we don't have. I have been in touch with the vendor and they are working to sort out what is wrong.

[8/10 @ 4:35 pm - Jeff]

Access is restored

This Minor Issue was reported on 8/6/15 and resolved on 8/10/15.

Outage for Databases Resolved

[8/4 @ 2:29 pm - Ben]

ScienceDirect seems to have lost all our access to their content. I have put a call into them to see what has gone wrong.

[8/6 @ 7:43 am - Ben]

It seems that our access is finally back up and working.

[7:44 am - Ben]

This Outage was reported on 8/4/15 and resolved on 8/6/15.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[8/3 @ 11:29 am - Ben]

We added 1 Shakespeare Survey Online MARC record today.

This Update happened on 8/3/15.

Update for Catalog Resolved

[8/3 @ 11:24 am - Ben]

We deleted 3 Safari MARC records today.

This Update happened on 8/3/15.