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Issues for Displays & Room Wizards

Outage Unresolved

[2/21/17 @ 1:18 pm - Sara]

Scanner 1st floor is "auto repairing" been stuck on that message for several minutes. Occurred withing the last hour.

This Outage was reported on 2/21/17.

Minor Issue Unresolved

[2/15/17 @ 1:50 pm - Matthew]

The API that powers the computer availability map is not showing any computers in use across the whole campus. This is not limited to just the library, and I have notified Institutional Marketing. But currently the map is showing that all computers everywhere are available.

This Minor Issue was reported on 2/15/17.

Outage Resolved

[6/17/16 @ 2:02 pm - Matthew]

The Group Study Room website is down. We've alerted IT to the problem and they are working on it. For now, students will have to reserve rooms using the touchscreens at the entrance of each room.

[6/17/16 @ 7:21 pm - Matthew]

The reserve website is back up and running. Images of rooms are not loading, however. It will take a few weeks to fix the missing image problem.

This Outage was reported on 6/17/16 and resolved on 6/17/16.

Feature Request Unresolved

[1/25/16 @ 3:18 pm - Matthew]

Macs are not included in the computer availability map. We're working with IT to get them added.

This Feature Request was reported on 1/25/16.

Outage Resolved

[12/8/15 @ 12:36 pm - Matthew]

The Room Reservation website is allowing some folks to log in but not others. We're receiving a lot of reports on the issue, and are passing them along to IT, who manages the site. I'll put up a note on the room reservation page warning folks of the issue.

[1/12/16 @ 4:19 pm - Matthew]

This has been fixed by IT.

This Outage was reported on 12/8/15 and resolved on 1/12/16.

Outage Resolved

[12/8/15 @ 9:50 am - Matthew]

The Room Reservation website is down. I've reported the issue to IT, but students will have to use the touch screens in front of each room for now to reserve a study room.

[12/8/15 @ 10:15 am - Matthew]

This appears to have been isolated to a period of time over the weekend. The room reservation site is working now.

This Outage was reported on 12/8/15 and resolved on 12/8/15.

Resolution Resolved

[8/3/15 @ 11:00 am - Mary]


[8/3/15 @ 11:00 am - Matthew]

The network account for the digital displays has expired, knocking all of the screens offline (or at least freezing them). We're working on updating the accounts on all of the machines to reconnect to the network.

This Resolution was reported on 8/3/15 and resolved on 8/3/15.

Minor Issue Resolved

[10/7/13 @ 3:23 pm - Matthew]

Several computers on the third floor are not reporting their availability correctly (4 or 5 machines are always listed as available, even when they are not.) I've manually adjusted the numbers of available computers to reflect this, and we are working with IT and Institutional Marketing to get the numbers corrected.

[1/25/16 @ 3:15 pm - Matthew]

This was addressed over the summer of 2015 to be more accurate.

This Minor Issue was reported on 10/7/13 and resolved on 1/25/16.

Minor Issue Resolved

[6/7/13 @ 2:37 pm - Matthew]

We are working with IT to get the computers in MaryI added to the computer availability API. Currently there is no information for Allendale locations. In addition, numbers for Steelcase are approximate while the computer lab is closed.

We hope these issues will be resolved by the start of Fall semester.

[8/7/13 @ 12:43 pm - Matthew]

While IT updated the computer availability to include Mary Idema Pew, only PCs are currently counted. Once Macs are working, we will update the availability site with the new location.

[8/23/13 @ 1:39 pm - Matthew]

We are waiting on Atrium level computers to be added to the availability map, as well.

[9/30/13 @ 10:45 am - Matthew]

Atrium PC computers in public areas are now showing up in the computer availability map.

[2/10/14 @ 12:43 pm - Matthew]

Frey computer numbers are incorrect. IT has imaged all public computers except for those in 490 as being in 290 CHS. There are only 12 computers in 290. We are working with IT to address the issue, although we may remove Frey from the computer map if we cannot get accurate numbers.

[9/14/15 @ 3:37 pm - Matthew]

Mary gave me a complete list of machines at Frey and Steelcase, and I have sent it to Institutional Marketing to get the computer map updated. I'll work with Mary to get an updated list for Mary I, too, so we can fix the accuracy issues we've dealt with for the past 2 years.

[1/25/16 @ 3:18 pm - Matthew]

Closing out this issue, and starting a new one for the last open part of the original (Macs are not included).

This Minor Issue was reported on 6/7/13 and resolved on 1/25/16.